Cougar coffee cozies

I can’t remember if I was looking for a coffee cozy pattern as a way to use up scrap yarn or if I was looking for a way to use up scrap yarn and came across the cozy pattern. Either way, I came across a pattern for a crooked coffee cozy by Danyel Pink. I really like that it isn’t just a straight tube; the diagonal makes it interesting.

Once I started making coffee cozies, I couldn’t stop. It really is a great way to use up scrap yarn, and they crochet up very quickly. I did some variations using double crochet rather than single crochet, made them narrower or wider, etc. I was working on one at an event with some women from my church, and one of them asked me if I would make a few for her to give as stocking stuffers. That prompted another to ask me if I would make them in Washington State Cougars colors.

I grew up a University of Washington fan. I was mostly a big UW softball fan, but that carried over into other sports, plus the UW is the closest major school to my hometown. I also lived in Spokane for a couple of years, where my contrarian side made me a bigger Huskies fan than I really was, just to spite the Cougars fans.

So I told the requester that I couldn’t sell out and make her Cougars cozies.

Cougars yarnThen I found this yarn. And really, I was only kidding about selling out, so yes, I made her cozies.

I liked using this variegated yarn, because I never knew when the color was going to change, but the color sections were large enough to create big chunks of each color, rather than little stripes.

The requester was really happy to have them and give them to some relatives, and there is very little I love more than someone enjoying and using something I made. Plus they turned out pretty cute. For Cougar colors.

Cougar cozies


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