‘Amy the dinosaur is a triceratops!’

TriceratopsIt’s a long story that I may tell at another time, but I crocheted a dinosaur for a friend. Another friend has a two-year-old son, who saw the dino and fell in love. I knew I needed to make him one, although I wanted to make a different type of dinosaur so they would be distinct. (Plus, making stuffed animals might be my current favorite crocheting project.)

The colors were improvised. I intended for it to be green with all the accents in that variegated yarn, but I ran out when making the feet. So I made two of the feet in blue, and then added that blue to the frill to tie it together.

I gave the dino to the recipient’s dad, and that was that. Then months later, out of the blue, I get a text that the boy declared, also out of the blue, “Amy the dinosaur is a triceratops!” Evidently they named the dino Amy, and she lived in the car for driving trips. The boy was learning about dinosaurs, and one day while they were driving somewhere, he figured out what kind of dino he has.

I’m so happy that he likes his dino, and I loved hearing about his little brain figuring things out. That’s why I like making warm fuzzies.

Pattern is Tame Triceratops from “Crochet Animals Big & Small.” And it’s definitely from the big category. The photo above is on a dining chair.



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