Park #5: Carkeek Park

Park: Carkeek Park
Size: 216 acres
My run: ~2 miles

Terrain/environment: Forest with a creek running through, butting up against Puget Sound. Trails wind up and down through the woods, with views over the water, then there’s a pedestrian bridge over a railroad track leading to the beach.

People: This is a pretty quiet park. I probably saw only about a dozen other people, and only one of them was jogging. A lot of people had dogs, and there were a couple families with small children.

Observations: Similar to Discovery Park, this is not a place for running. The trails are more like hiking trails. It would be a great place to come back and explore the hills or wander out on the beach. It was also amazing to me on the drive there that I was in the middle of a residential area, then I turned a corner and suddenly I was in the woods.

Would I go again? Yes, I’m excited to explore when I’m not trying to get a run in or on a schedule.



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