Park #6: Washington Park Arboretum

Park: Washington Park Arboretum
Size: 193.9 acres
My run: ~3.5 miles

Terrain/environment: Forest (obviously) with both paved and unpaved paths. One of my favorite parts is the series of bridges on Lake Washington. You are so close to the water, almost as if you were walking directly on it.

People: My roommate and I went on a Friday morning, and we were the only car in the parking lot. We only saw three or four other people the rest of the time.

Observations: Amazingly, this was my first rainy run of the year. There were a lot of puddles to dodge, and I definitely ended up with soggy shoes and muddy pants. I really enjoy the Arboretum as a whole, and as I said above, I love running on top of the lake, with the view of Husky Stadium. It is in a nice neighborhood, but I have only gone with other people, and it is so sprawling that I’m not sure I would feel comfortable going on my own.

Would I go again? Yes. I have actually run here several times, and I still love it.

Husky Stadium from Washington Park My run in Washington Park Arboretum



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