Park #2: Green Lake

Park: Green Lake
Size: 323.7 acres
My run: 3.1 miles

Terrain/environment: Flat; wide paved trail with a packed dirt path next to it, which is what I mostly used because there were…

People: So many people! I went on a Friday afternoon, and there was just a steady stream of people all the way around the lake. I was weaving around couples, people in packs, walkers, parents with strollers, a few other runners.

Observations: There’s good reason for all of those people to be at Green Lake. It is a classic Seattle experience, and I now understand why. I could not believe that I had not been there before. The loop around the lake is a perfect distance for a run, the lake is sensational, and the whole thing made me so happy.

Would I go again? Absolutely I will. If I lived near there, I would go as much as possible. One note: Parking was a little tricky on the east side, so next time I would look to park on the west side.



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