Park #3: Magnuson Park

Park: Magnuson Park
Size: 320 acres
My run: 3.17 miles

Terrain/environment: Marshy, waterfront wetlands with beautiful athletic fields. A nice retreat from the city. Not a lot of trails, but there’s a pretty good loop around the park.

People: This was a Friday midday run, and I saw very few people, maybe about a dozen total. There is a great off-leash dog area, so most people there had dogs, and there were a few older couples walking around together.

Observations: I can’t quite put my finger on why, but coming here reminded me of going camping at a state park. Maybe it’s just because there’s a boat launch and good grassy areas in front of the water. The running path isn’t super interesting, but it was a nice run. And I’ve been getting lovely weather for all of my park exploration, and this was another banner day.

Would I go again? Probably. The water is good for my soul, but this might not be the first place I return to.



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