Park #4: Seward Park

Park: Seward Park
Size: 299.1 acres
My run: 3.28 miles

Terrain/environment: Seward Park is a peninsula jutting out into Lake Washington, and there is a trail wrapping around the park that is just about perfect to me. On one side is a beautiful forest full of majestic trees, and on the other side is the water. The trail is flat (another plus), wide, and paved. After my run, I also took the road up into that forest, and it looks like there are some great trails through the trees, although I imagine those make for a tougher run.

People: A pretty good mix. There were quite a few parents with little ones toddling along or practicing on their tricycles, probably because there is a really great playground in the park as well. I saw a few groups of people, including a group of birdwatchers, lots of couples walking, and a handful of other joggers.

Observations: I’ve actually done the loop at Seward Park before, as part of a fundraiser walk, so I remembered how lovely it was. Walking the loop is nice to take in the scenery, but I really enjoyed the run as well. It struck me as the opposite of Green Lake; rather than running around the lake, the lake is running around you.

Would I go again? Absolutely. Can’t wait to go back.



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