Park #9: Lincoln Park

Park: Lincoln Park
Size: 135.4 acres
My run: ~3 miles

Terrain/environment: Trails through the forest, coming up to a bluff overlooking the Vashon ferry route. The loop around the park is mostly flat, but there are several places that veer off down to the beach, which is a long way down. I didn’t try them.

People: It was a Friday morning, so there were not a lot of other people around. I think I saw one other jogger, a couple of people walking dogs, and a group of women doing exercises on the playground equipment. I kind of wanted to stop to see what they were doing, to pick up some tips.

Observations: This park has some really amazing trees, and then coming up to the view of the water was amazing. There was a little bit of mist over the water; it was glorious. I had a bit of a hard time getting in a long enough run. I think the loop around the park is about 1.5 miles, which I ran twice, but I also walked a bit through the middle of the park, and I think you could do some back-and-forth routes.

Would I go again? Maybe. There were some incredible views, but it’s probably not my first place to return to.




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