A star is born

Star baby blanketI went through a period, starting about six years ago, when I constantly knew someone who was pregnant. As soon as one friend had a baby, I would hear from another friend that she was expecting. For the most part, these were also good friends, whom I wanted to do something special for. So during that same period, I was constantly working on a baby blanket.

I love making baby blankets. They are such great projects for sitting on the couch, catching up on TV or watching a movie, crocheting away as a soft blanket takes shape. I’ve done a different pattern for every blanket I’ve made, not just so that each gift is unique but also because I really enjoy trying out a new pattern.

Star baby blanketThis striped star is one of my favorites. I really don’t like stripes in general, because they involve weaving in so many ends, but I think this one was worth it. I unfortunately only have the pattern copied out of one of my mom’s pattern books, so I’m not sure where it’s from. Many of my friends with babies live far away, so I usually ship them the blanket, but I got to deliver this one in person while visiting my friend. That was the best, seeing her enjoy the gift and cozying right up with it herself.

Pattern unknown; I think the yarn is Caron Simply Soft Eco, which I can’t find online, so it may be discontinued. I’m going to try to keep track of my projects better!


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